Wednesday, April 29

Johnny and his Dad

 Little Johnny and his Dad were driving through town one day.
 Johnny says, "You know Dad, I bet I have had sex with more women than you". His Dad was shocked that Johnny could possibly think this, so he says, "Son, there's no way! I've been on this earth 20 yrs longer than you have, there is no way you have been with more women than I have!". 
 Johnny replies, "Yep, Dad, I think I have."
 So his Dad thinks for a minute, "I tell you what, when we see a woman we've had sex with, we'll clap."
 Johnny says "o.k."
 They continue down the street, Johnny says "Hey look, it's Betty Lou" (clap).
 His Dad looks, "Ya, I know Betty Lou" (clap).
 "Look," says his dad, "There's Sally" (clap).
 Johnny says "I know Sally" (clap). "And there's Jenny" (clap).
 His dad looks, "Yes, I know Jenny" (clap).
 So Johnnys dad says "Well, Son, I've got to hand it to you, you haven't done bad for yourself, but I've got ya beat."
 They pull into the driveway, Johnnys dad goes in and says "Hi Hon" (clap).
 And Johnny comes in and says "Hi Mom," (clap) "Sis," (clap) "Grandma" (clap)

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