Saturday, May 2

A soldier, a marine, and an airman

A soldier, a marine, and an airman got into a fight about which service is best. The fight was so heated, that they killed each other.

Soon, they found themselves in Heaven. They see St. Peter walk by and ask, “Which
Branch of Service is the best?”

St. Peter replied, “I can’t answer that. But, I will ask God what He thinks the next time I see Him.”

Some time later, the three see St. Peter again and ask him if he was able to find the

Suddenly, a dove landed on St. Peter’s shoulder. The dove was carrying a note in
its beak. St. Peter opened the note and read it out loud to the three fellows:
“Gentlemen: All the Branches of the Service are ‘Honorable and Noble’. Each one
of you has served your country well. Be proud of that.

GOD, USN (Ret.)”

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