Friday, May 1

Computer jokes

"Do you turn on your computer with your left hand or your right hand?"
" My right hand."
" Amazing!Most people have to use the on/off switch."

Computer helpline?
Everytime I log onto the seven dwarfs website my computer screen goes snow white....

Customer: I cleaned my computer and now it doesn't work any more.
Repairman: What did you clean it with?
Customer: Soap and water.
Repairman: Don't you know you're not supposed to touch a computer with water?
Customer: Oh, it wasn't the water that caused the was the spin dryer!
Customer: I think I've got a bug in my computer.
Repairman: Does your computer make a humming noise?
Customer: Yes.
Repairman: Then it must be a humbug!
Did you hear about the monkey who left bits of his lunch all over the computer?
His dad went bananas.
Does the school computer have a brother?
No, but it's got lots of tran-sisters.
Excuse me, this computer has a cake instead of a plug.
Yes, sir, it's a currant bun.
Helpline? I've just pushed a piece of bacon into my disk drive!
Has the computer stopped working?
No, but there's a lot of crackling.
How did you get so good at computers?
I went to night school.
How do you stop your laptop batteries from running out?
Hide their trainers.

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