Tuesday, April 28

How to use the microwave oven

While on a luxury cruise, the receptionist received a call from a distressed passenger. "I wish to inform you that there is a faulty electrical appliance in my suite. Could you please send someone over to have it repaired immediately?? asked a lady passenger, clearly upset.

"Certainly, I shall arrange for someone to look into the matter immediately. Which electrical appliance would that be?? asked the concierge.

"It?s the microwave. I?ve been trying to warm up some supper for myself but the microwave wouldn?t start,? replied the passenger.

"The microwave, Madam?? repeated the bewildered receptionist. "Yes, the microwave. You know, the heating device that is installed in the wardrobe,? replied the passenger sarcastically. "I?ve been trying for the past hour but my supper is still cold.?

Upon arriving at the suite, the receptionist found the lady passenger standing in front of the wardrobe, pressing vigorously at the control panel of the safe deposit box installed in the wardrobe. "Let me show you how what I have been trying. I key in the number of minutes here, but I don?t really know which one is the start button...?

* original story told by a Captain of a cruise liner.

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