Saturday, May 16

The fast skier

It was around the Olympics time and there were 2 judges from America who were watching people ski down a mountain, so they could find candidates for the Winter Olympics. 
They see this Jewish guy who is just racing down the mountain. 
The 2 judges are absolutely blown away. This Jewish guy got down the mountain quicker than anyone else the judges ever saw. 
They go up to him and ask, "Will you do that again, you were so good, we just want to make sure you're consistent." 
The Jewish guy agrees and heads up the mountain. 
The judges are waiting at the bottom for him to come down but he's just not coming. 
2 minutes pass, 3 minutes, 8 minutes. 
Finally, he gets to the bottom and the judges run right up to him and say, "What took you so long, last time you did it in 2 minutes but now what happened to you?" 
The Jewish guy says, "Some idiot put a mezuzah on every post!!!" 

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