Saturday, May 16

The catholic Priest and the Rabi

The catholic Priest and the Rabi were friends since kindergarden, and were always joking one with the other. 
Once, the Priest and the Rabi were to a dinner and the Priest asked if the Rabi would have a pork dish. 
The Rabi looked back really hurten and said "I don't eat pork, that is against my religion". 
The priest then asked if he never, even once in his life, had pork. 
The Rabi said "well, one time I had just a little piece to tryout, but that was it." 
A few minutes later the said to the Priest "by the way, tell me: have you ever been with a woman, even a single time?". 
The Priest said "yes, there was one time I was really curious and had been with a woman". 
5 minutes later the Rabi looks at him and says "a lot better than pork, right?" 

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