Thursday, May 7


A man was in an ice cream parlor waiting to buy some ice cream. there was one  lady in front of him. 
she ordered a chocolate cone.  the soda-jerk told her he's sorry but they have run out of chocolate.
she  said, "ok, then i'll have some chocolate."  he told her, "lady, i'm out of chocolate."  once again 
she said, "ok, i'll just have some chocolate." exasperated, he said, "lady, spell van as in vanilla."  she 
spelled van.  he said, "good, now spell straw as in strawberry."  she spelled straw.  he said, "good, 
now spell f*** as in chocolate."  the lady said, "there is no f*** in chocolate."  he replied, "that's what 
I'm trying to tell you."         

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