Thursday, May 21

Blonde in a pawn shop

A blonde walks in to a pawn shop. She looks around for a while and then approaches the clerk. ''I would like to buy that TV over there.''

The clerk says ''I am sorry lady we don't serve blondes here.''

The blonde leaves in a huff. The next day she returns wearing a brunette wig. ''I would like to purchase that TV over there.''

Again the clerk says ''Lady I told you yesterday we do not serve blondes here.''

Now the blonde is furious. The next day she dresses like a man (a suit, tie, mustache, etc.).

She approaches the clerk and says in a deep voice, ''I would like to purchase the TV over there!''

The clerk says ''Lady I told you twice already we do not sell to blondes here!''

She says to the clerk ''How can you tell? Yesterday I wore a wig, today I am dressed like a man, how can you tell it is me??''

He laughs and says, ''Because that's a microwave!!!!''

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