Wednesday, May 20

Sporting Bumper Stickers

Backstrokers do it without getting their face wet,

Baseball players do it at home

Divers do it deeper than anyone else

Fencers always do it with protection

Gliders do it and can keep it up all day

Goat-keepers never do it near the other Naff

Golfers do it best when they are below par

Hang-gfiders do it on their own

Shot putters do it on one teg

Skiers do it with their legs together

Skiers do it on the piste

Skiers go down faster

Snooker players do it bending over a table

Squash players do it against the wall

Swimmers do it with the breaststroke

Tennis players start with love

Ten-pin bowlers do it with something to spare

Torvill and Dean do it on thin ice

Water-skiers do it in rubber suits

Windsurfers do it standing up

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