Wednesday, May 20

Short Players

He looks like he went to a blood drive and forgot to say when.

He's the shortest player in the league. He's so short he can keep his feet warm just by breathing hard.

It must be tough on him going through life without ever seeing a parade.

He's so short, he wasn't born and raised, he was born and lowered.

He's really generous with his time. He recently did a benefit for "Save the Shrimp."

He won't be playing tonight. He injured himself when he fell off a ladder while he was picking strawberries.

His best sport is the limbo. He's so good he can limbo under a rug.

He got a new advertising contract acting as a spokesman for a chain of miniature golf courses.

I would never think of making fun of our point guard's height. I wouldn't stoop so low.

One fan yelled at our short forward, "Call the cops. Somebody stole your height!"

I won't say he's overweight, but his stomach crosses midcourt three steps before he does.

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