Tuesday, May 19

Keeping Informed

The President turned to one of his advisors, who happened to be Jewish, and asked, "How come Jews are always so well informed?" 
Advisor: "What do you mean sir?" 
The President: "It just seems that Jews are always up on the latest news. How do they do it?" 
Advisor: "An interesting observation. It could be because when Jews go to the synagogue to daven (pray), they always turn to the person sitting next to them and say "Nu?" (What's up?). 
The President: "What? Is it that simple?" 
Advisor: "I think so sir." 
President: "Well, let's put it to the test. Take me to the nearest Synagogue." 
The two board a limousine and are driven to the nearest Synagogue. Once inside, the President sits down among the congregation next to an elderly Jewish man. He looks around, then turns to the man and says softly, "Nu?" 
The elderly man leans toward him and replies, "You know, I hear the President is going to daven with us today."

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