Wednesday, May 20

Exercise jokes 2

The only exercise he gets is running after the Good Humor truck.

The doctor is really subtle. He suggested that I lend my body to someone who will exercise it.

There's nothing like getting up at 5 a.m, jogging six miles, and then taking an ice-cold shower. There's nothing like it, so I don't do it.

He's developing a more active lifestyle. Now he sits and watches aerobics shows on television.

My exercise club has a relaxed approach. If all the exercise machines are in use, I can wait in the snack bar and have a chocolate sundae until it's my turn.

I really need exercise. I get winded just winding my watch. I'm not in great shape. I blacked out putting my socks on.

Exercise wouldn't be a problem with me if I had a different body to do it with.

If it weren't for parking lots, some of us wouldn't do any walking at all.

Every time I get an urge to exercise, I sit down with a bag of chips and wait until the urge goes away.

After we do our aerobics, we always check the scales the Richter Scale, that is.

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