Wednesday, May 20

Basketball jokes 2

Coach after a big loss: "Their players put their pants on the same way our players do. It just takes them longer to pull them up."

He's one of the finest officials money can buy.

The NBA game is spectacular. You see millionaires running all over the floor. It's like watching the Senate on C-Span.

The NBA season is so long the players seldom get time to spend at home with their butlers and chauffeurs.

Our center is a yoga master. He learned yoga trying to fit into airline seats.

I won't say that the playoffs are long, but when they started the season, Reagan was still President.

We have so many injuries the team picture is an X-ray.

His seats are so good that occasionally Jack Nicholson has to tell him to sit down.

He's the oldest player in the NBA. He leads the league in career sweat.

The coach has a run and shoot offense.

If an opponent outruns you, the coach shoots you.

We were the surprise team of last season. We did worse than anybody expected.

The coach is preparing the team for the crowd noise they'll hear during the season. He runs practices with a laugh track.

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