Wednesday, May 20

Basket ball jokes 1

When NBA players win the championship do they feel ten feet tall ?

They're a team in transition. They're going from bad to worse.

We have so many injuries we're considering hiring nurses for cheerleaders.

Which runs longer, the Ener-gizer Bunny or the NBA play offs?

I wanted to take the family to a Knicks game, but the bank wouldn't approve my loan.

I was known for my famous hook shot. Every time I'd fire one up, the coach gave me the hook.

I've guarded guys that could leap before, but all the others came down.

One of our forwards was so slow that if he ever got caught in the rain he'd rust.

Our point guard is so worn down that when two vultures flew over him the other day, one looked at the other and said, "We're too late. Somebody already beat us to him."

Life is much like basketball: some score points, while others just dribble.

He was a professional bowler before he became a power forward. You should see his alley-hoop play.

One center entered professional boxing after retiring from the league. He's since developed a cauliflower navel.

He looks like a flagpole with hair. In the off-season, he models for silos.

He also works for the telephone company, holding up telephone wires.

Our center's not very bright. I think he's banged his head on too many doorways.

He's such a versatile player. He can do anything wrong.

Philadelphia fans are so fickle. The other night I heard

one of them yell, "Go Sixers. And take the Phillies with you!"

One of our recruits is so fast he can eat ice cream in the rain without having it drip.

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