Wednesday, May 20

Baseball jokes 4

He doesn't have a good sense of the strike zone. He once swung at a ball that the pitcher threw to first trying to pick a runner off.

The team is working on a microwave bullpen to give their relievers faster warm-ups.

The best thing about playing for the Cubs is that you never have to worry about anyone stealing your World Series ring.

I don't like Astroturf. I think baseball fields should be covered like in the old days—with hot dog wrappers and beverage cans.

When I was a Little Leaguer I had trouble putting on my helmet because I couldn't get my ears through those little holes.

I could have been a professional athlete. My problem in baseball was that I could never hit a curve ball. My problem in golf is that I always did.

The only thing that stays in the cellar longer than those losers is a furnace.

A fan yelled to the catcher: "Hey, the only thing that you know about pitching is that you can't hit it!"

I remember when I was a rookie I slid into home in a mighty cloud of dust. Unfortunately, I was coming to bat at the time.

I was a non-violent baseball player. I could go for weeks at a time without hitting anything.

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