Wednesday, May 20

Baseball jokes 1

Our team finished in last place because our batters never got to hit against our pitchers.

April is the month for showers and our team's pitching staff is living proof of that.

His team is so bad that if he were sent to the minors, he'd think of it as a promotion.

We named our son "Later" because teams are always trading for a player to be named later.

My friend said, "I know I'm a loser. I lost my wallet. My wife is very sick. I lost my job. The Phils lost to the Dodgers. It's unbelievable!- leading by three in the eighth and the Phils blew the game!"

A father watched his young son practice baseball in the backyard by throwing the ball 
up and swinging at it. Time and time again the bat missed contact. The boy noticed 
his father watching, and said, "Wow, Dad! Aren't I a great pitcher?"

The coach lacked confidence in his pitcher. On the lineup card he penciled in, "Miller and others."

After watching a 450-foot homer disappear out of the stadium, the manager said to the pitcher, "Anything hit that high and far should have a stewardess and an in-flight movie."

It's tough playing in this city. The first time I got into the bullpen car they told me to lock the doors.

The only problem he has in the outfield is with fly balls.

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